General information about permanent make-up procedure 

Semi-permanent make-up (or permanent make-up, permanent cosmetics, derma pigmentation, micro pigmentation, and cosmetic tattooing, which mean the same) is the method of depositing hypo-allergic mineral and/or organic pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin which resembles regular makeup (such as eyeliners and other permanent enhancing colours to the skin of the face, lips and eyelids) or reconstructs eyebrows, lips contour breast's areola disguises scars and spots on the skin.

The optimal result is achieved between 2-3 procedures.  The recommended intervals between procedure are 1-2 months.. The subsequent procedure after initial one (original procedure) is referred to as “touch-up” and helps to achieve:

- more equal and accurate pigment allocation in designated areas;

- achieve more accurate colours and tonal ranges to meet client expectations

- greater lasting result.

Pigment is implanted into skin with special equipment using needles. Periodic procedures are required to maintain and achieved the high quality of the Permanent Makeup. Usually between1-2 years is an average timeframe. The subsequent annual procedures are referred to as “refresh” procedures.

A truly transformative, empowering experience

For so many years, my freckled/hyperpigmented Latina lips made me so insecure. Adding more to my insecurity was the fact that my lips began to look duller due to aging. I wanted a healthy and natural look for my lips, but sheer lipsticks never worked because of the underlying uneven tone of my lips! But that was all solved when I got my lips blushed by Lulu Siciliano. Her artistry, her tranquil aura combined with her expertise with dark lips made the whole PMU experience so amazing and empowering. Now, I wake up everyday loving who I see in the mirror. It's like looking at living art and it has restored my self-confidence! 



Charlotte, NC 


I'm a best version of myself.

Thanks to Lulu, I feel so much freedom to be myself and don't cover my lips under mask.

She is very talanted. Recommend her service 100%!!!


Miami, FL