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    • Lipstick Look
    • Lipstick Look
    • Lipstick Look
    • Lipstick Look
    • Lipstick Look

    Lipstick Look

    $800.00 Online Deposit Now of $100.00 + $700.00 After

    Appointment Date and Hour

    If you have any previous permanent makeup send a picture with good light.

      A treatment that includes lip liner and lip color is a full-lip treatment. This treatment works miracles if you want fuller lips. Permanent makeup is much more effective for creating fuller looking lips than cosmetic fillers or even Botox. For instance, a Lipstick look full lip treatment is the only way to correct asymmetry. Using a soft lip liner can correct and redefine the shape of the lips.

      Permanent lip treatment can improve dramatically features such as:

      • Lip definition
      • Symmetry
      • Thin lips
      • Loss of color associated with aging
      • Darker color 
      • Ashy colored lips

        Duration: 2 hrs 

        Lasts 1.5 - 2 years

        Most procedures require an initial visit as well as a perfecting visit 6 - 8 weeks later.

        Touch up is included in the price.