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    • Bad Permanent Makeup Repair
    • Bad Permanent Makeup Repair
    • Bad Permanent Makeup Repair
    • Bad Permanent Makeup Repair
    • Bad Permanent Makeup Repair
    • Bad Permanent Makeup Repair

    Bad Permanent Makeup Repair

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    If you have any previous permanent makeup send a picture with good light.

      “I’m seeing more and more customers in need of corrections to their permanent makeup.”

      Lulu has been helping victims of atrocious permanent makeup, so they can smile again when they look at themselves in a mirror. Lulu’s experience, creative talent and imagination have earned her a reputation that has people from all over the country coming to see her for help.

      Conventional methods of tattoo removal, from the expensive laser treatments to the countless tattoo lightening creams, salts, and many other similar approaches, don’t work. More likely they cause discoloration and scars on the face. The best and safest way we have today to repair badly done eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips tattoo is by using light, flesh skin-tone pigments to cover these up. Caution is recommended when attempting to cover these bad procedures on darker skins. Any attempt to cover mistakes on this type of skin may backfire by producing an even darker color than before because dark skin is susceptible to hyper-pigmentation.

      The majority of permanent makeup technicians can’t draw eyebrows and can’t determine how to re-balance or enhance a client’s face. This means that most likely they wouldn’t know how to correct eyebrows that are naturally uneven. The simplest way for them, is to follow the shape of their client’s existing eyebrows or use traditional techniques and tools to measure the eyebrows. This results in emphasizing all the imperfections that weren’t so obvious before because the client’s eyebrows were almost invisibly light, or non-existent.

      Duration: 2 - 3 hrs 

      Most procedures require an initial visit as well as a perfecting visit 6 - 8 weeks later.

      Touch up is included in the price