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    $620.00 Online Deposit Now of $100.00 + $520.00 After

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    If you have any previous permanent makeup send a picture with good light.

      Permanent Eyeliner is a heaven-sent solution for people who:

      • Have skimpy or no eyelashes.
      • Can’t apply makeup correctly due to unsteady hands or poor eyesight.
      • Are allergic to regular liner makeup that causes itchiness or watery eyes. Lulu only uses pigments that are hypo-allergenic
      • Can’t find an eyeliner that will stay in place until the end of the day.
      • Want a youthful appearance. When it comes to creating youthful eyes, Lulu knows every trick in the book.

        Also there is another type of eyeliner called an Eyelash enhancements which is a thin application at the lash line which makes lashes pop and is a great solution for those who don’t feel they want an obvious eyeliner tattoo but who would like a more made-up look without the use of makeup.

        This technique is perfect for those who needs to fulfill the eyebrows, radically correct the shape combination of hair strokes and shading to give illusion of fulness and depth.(cost is $400)

        Duration: 2 hrs

        Lasts: 3 - 5 years

        Most procedures require an initial visit as well as a perfecting visit 6 - 8 weeks later.  Touch up is included in the price.