Let’s talk about the trends in beauty industry.

The eyebrow fashion has changed radically in the last 5 years, and what was the norm them then is not accepted today. Thin, dark eyebrows with exaggerated arches are in the past. This style of eyebrows gives you an older look, and makes your eyes appear puffy; it’s a vintage accent on the face. Do you really need that?

Take a look at all the new magazine covers! All models are shown with big eyebrows. What is interesting is that eyebrows should be fluffy with a natural shape, and baby hair around.

I’m a huge advocate for natural looking eyebrows.  But, of course not everyone is lucky to have natural, full eyebrows.

Thin (or not) eyebrows is not a sentence.

If you plan to get an eyebrow permanent makeup procedure, I strongly recommend letting the brows grow out.  Forget about tweezing at all.  It is easy and economical and can have the coolest results? 

Four days prior the your scheduled appointment you should tint your eyebrows in order to make all the little baby hairs visible. When you come in my office I can then create a very natural look, from filling the gaps, to making them fuller and more beautiful.


Massaging your eyebrows every day with your fingers can help your own eyebrow hair grow significantly. By doing this, the blood circulation is increased, and it will stimulate dormant follicles. Massage your clean eyebrows for 5 minutes before bed.  It’s even better if your skin is exfoliated prior to massaging the brows.


Castor oil, Burdock oil, Usma oil and Amla oil are oils that activate hair growth and work perfectly for eyebrow massage.

Latisse & Careprost

These are extremely harmful lash growth serums which come with many health risks.

Skin health

To grow new eyebrow hair you should inspect your skin carefully. Eyebrows don’t like scaling, dryness, or acne. Just like a flower, your skin should be hydrated and nourished to allow your eyebrows to grow better!

Natural scrubs or enzyme powder and a good daily moisturizer is the first requirement.

Check thyroid & hormones

If the eyebrows have recently become bald or very sparse, particularly at the tail of the brow, or if you have gained weight, feel weak I recommend getting on ultrasound of the thyroid gland and have your hormones checked.  Specifically TTG, T3, T4, as well as TPO. Violations of the thyroid gland affect the growth of the eyebrows so no oil will help.

Unlike eyelashes, eyebrows have latent growth potential that I can reveal with my magic recipe, and complementing treatment.

My agenda is to improve the current situation of your eyebrows, without changing nature of the eyebrows.