Eat good, Feel good 

I noticed such a significant difference on my skin, I never get pimples, pores or irritation, in addition I feel myself so good during this pregnancy, probably that’s because I have changed my eating habits.

Therefore I eat only a plant-based diet and now I’m on the way to cut my gluten.

 It’s really important to feed your body with the right fuel. 

 The main components of my meal are fruits and vegetables.

I drink only live vitamins, extracted from real fruits and vegetables.

I also drink pea protein shakes. 

 Your diet begins at the grocery store. 

 Begin with your shopping list. Consider the health value of every item you add to your list and ask yourself what type of nutritional value brings to your body.

 Avoid: candies, sweets, chips, alcohol, soda, juices, white bread, refined sugar. 

 Come to the table with a light appetite. Try to not skip your meals. If you skip meals, you may be so hungry that you’ll get anything in your stomach, and usually you’ll opt for bad foods

 Don’t mix water and food. Drink water with lemon before 30 min of your meal or 40 minutes before you are done eating.


I like to sting every morning water with a little bit of natural baking soda. If this is new for you, start with a little dose about the tip of a knife. Strictly on an empty stomach in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast. There should be no food in the stomach, that is, there should not be a digestive process. First I pour boiling water a half of a glass, wait for reaction, then I add another half of cold water. Drink slowly. 


  • 1. Soda creates an alkaline environment in which cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, etc. cannot live and multiply. Soda contains in its composition such components that help           speed up the process of splitting fats. 
  • 2. Soda boosts immunity. Attention‼ ️ Improper intake of soda can harm the body! If you are suffering with diabetes, gastritis, low level of acidity in stomach you better do not take soda. 


 With that said, ultimately you should listen your body, if you tried it and feel it’s not for you, don’t drink it.


 Appreciate your foods and your body. Fulfill, nourish your body with the freshest clean food. You immediately feel better and healthier. In one month you’ll feel yourself as a different person from a healthy and mental prospective.

  Prepare food with love and care, take a beautiful dish, decorate with colorful fruits and greens. Make it fun. Chew thoroughly, slowly, don’t rush and enjoy every bite 💕


 I created this e-book for those who wanting to make simple vegan dishes at home. You will find different ethnic recipes for your preference. I hope you will enjoy the recipes and have fun in your journey to vegan cuisine. I'd really love to see your creation so tag me on Instagram at #lulukitchen.

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