Trusted permanent beauty expert

Raised in Eastern Europe, Lulu Siciliano is a Miami-based permanent makeup artist who co-founded Microbeau International with Gaston Siciliano, her husband. Gaston is a well-known tattoo artist, design engineer and founder of FK Irons, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting-edge tattoo machines and devices. 


It was a match made in ink heaven and Lulu says Microbeau was their first child. Combining both of their experience, they have created some of the most popular and respected devices in the PMU industry. On the artistic side, Lulu performs permanent cosmetics procedures, such as lip blush, lip neutralization, powder eyebrows and eyeliner. 


Living in a cosmopolitan city allows Lulu to perform her art on clients from all over the world. With a background in fine arts, she pays keen attention to detail in her craft and is best known for achieving natural-looking results. Her mission is to instill confidence in her clients and help them feel pretty by enhancing their natural beauty. She does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather listens to each client individually to recommend the best results.

Lulu developed an exclusive permanent makeup pigment line, manufactured in the USA by Perma Blend, with three pillar goals:
1. Simple and highly effective formulas to take the guesswork out of color mixing
2. Comprehensive sets with a range of colors that meet all your needs for that technique
3. Specificity, where each set is precisely designed for different techniques

Evenflo Colours pigments for permanent makeup grew from Siciliano’s healthy lifestyle and quest for fulfilling a need for vegan, high quality pigments. 

As an artist, Lulu understands the needs of modern permanent makeup artist and the ever-changing industry trends. Interacting daily with clients, she has a keen eye for beauty trends, allowing her to create pigments that delight both the artist and client.

Evenflo’s distinct formula offers the answer to what permanent makeup artists yearn for the most: consistency, balance and predictable color fading. We’re committed to both the artist and client. Our development team only uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure lasting, beautiful results with a natural fading process.

Lulu Siciliano is renowned PMU ARTIST, international SPEAKER AND JUDGE   


Las Vegas / 2018; Miami  / 2019

 London / 2021; Las Vegas PMU show/2021

Orlando Pmu show / 2021; Dominican Republic / 2022 and more...